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Product Name: The Tesla Mod
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Price Now: $49.98
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Tesla Mod

The Tesla Mod 2013
No more fingerprint magnet
Operational Functions:

1. Basic Functions
1.1 Power Reset
When the OLED screen shows “Tesla,” The unit will boot into standby after 2 seconds.
1.2 Cut-off Protection
Activating the unit for longer than 10 seconds will trigger this safety feature, and the power output of the Tesla will cut off until the next button push.
1.3 Low battery detection
When the battery cell is depleted, or needs to be charged or changed, the unit will display the code “Low V.” The unit will cease to output until a charged battery is installed.
1.4 OLED display
When the OLED is set to display during use, it will show the corresponding information it has been set to display. If the OLED is not displaying any information, the screen has been turned off.

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